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One of the biggest advantages of our Guest House is its location.

“Karadere” Beach

It is located between the town of Byala and the village of Goritsa, near the northern slopes of the Balkan Mountains and not far from the protected area of ​​Irakli. The area is wild and very beautiful. The beach is undeveloped and enjoys visitors who love the “wild” beauty and charm of places where one can “escape from civilization”. The beach is long and wide and the sand is fine and almost white in color. The beach is unguarded and there are no facilities, changing rooms, attractions and establishments. There are good conditions for surfing and tent tourism. The place and the beach attract many camping enthusiasts, and the evenings, with campfires in front of the tents, guitars and music, create a very romantic mood. The area is accessible by car, bicycle and by foot from the town of Byala and the village of Goritsa.

 “Shkorpilovtsi” Beach


The longest and widest beach on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The beach is 12 km long and 100 m wide in places, making it the longest and most spacious continuous beach in Bulgaria. Shkorpilovtsi Beach is located near the village of the same name and is the southernmost part of the long sandy strip, starting from the campsites Paradise and Romance near the resort of Kamchia in the north and ending at Black Cape in the south. The coastline is straight, with no bay, which is a prerequisite for waves in north and northeast winds. The place is one of the best for practicing surfing, windsurfing and kite on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. There is a 230-meter trestle and a destroyed bridge underwater for diving enthusiasts.

This is one of the beautiful and wild places on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria that every visitor or resident of the country deserves to see.

The ancient fortress of Cape Atanas in Byala


The Late Antique Fortress is located on Cape Atanas in Byala. It was an entire port city whose visitors can imagine their lives thanks to the huge colorful panels with scenes from the past. The picture is complemented by several very well preserved parts of the city.

During the excavations of the fortress, many of the important for one city buildings were discovered – a central street with shops, ateliers and drinking establishments, three ancient wineries, a public bathroom, furnaces for the production of ceramic vessels, a church complex, residential buildings. The locals were mainly involved in vine growing and wine production (except shipping and trading of ships arriving here). The city bath is also well preserved. One of the most impressive parts of the fortress in Byala is the Basilica. Although only part of it has been restored – several columns, part of the altar and the altar table – you can get an idea of ​​what the place looked like in ancient times and enjoy the beautiful view from the edge of Cape Atanas.

“Sherba” –  Nature park and Hunting Ground


Hunting ground “Sherba” was established back in 1930 and is one of the first in the Bulgaria. It is located on the northern slopes of Eastern Stara Planina mountain with an area of ​​13 500 ha.  The area was specially selected.The terrain is mountainous and the landscape is dominated by deciduous vegetation. The main game species on the territory are: red deer and fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar and mouflon. Here is the realm of broad wooden light. Centuries-old mixed forests of beech, oak, hornbeam, oak, tar, silver leaf linden. Plants are commonly found and typically seen in the long-ivy forest, arbor, violin, wild vine.

“Sherba” also offers ecotourism, photosafari, sport fishing, hiking and sightseeing.

The “beautiful forest” Sherba leaves an unforgettable memory in all who visited it. Famous nature, biodiversity, great flora and fauna in one word – Sherba!

Goriza” Zoo

“Goriza” Zoo covers 4000 sq.m. and is located on the main road Burgas – Varna, to the village of Goritsa. Walkways, wooden bridges and places where animals can be observed are built in the garden. Conditions have been created that are as close to natural as possible in which to grow numerous species of animals of different species – mammals, predators and birds, including peacock, golden pheasant, Mongolian pheasant, ostrich, kangaroo, llama, mouflon, wild boar, deer fallow deer , horse, pony, jackal and more.

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